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March 13, 2024

Easter Decorating with Stickers, Posters, and More!

Get ready to enhance your Easter celebrations with our custom stickers, posters, and more! Whether you’re hosting an Easter Sunday event or simply adding a touch of festivity to your home, office, or storefront, our custom print-on-demand products are designed to bring joy and the spirit of Easter to your […]
August 17, 2023

College Decorating Made Easy

As college students start moving back to campus and begin looking for fun ways to give their dorm rooms and apartments some personality, most everyone is looking for fun, hassle-free ways to infuse their living spaces with a little color and a lot of personality, without damaging the walls or […]
August 2, 2023

Why Stickers and Posters are Perfect for Back to School

As we enjoy the final weeks of summer and begin prepping for back to school, we want to share several reasons stickers and posters should be on every teacher’s, parent’s, and PTA’s shopping lists! Not only are stickers and posters fun for both kids and adults but also great additions […]
October 20, 2022

Bring Your Photos to Life!

Not only is October the official start of the holiday family photo season but also National Family History Month in the United States! Additionally, fall sports are in full swing and nature is showing off with beautifully transitioning leaves, festive pumpkin patches, and some of the most beautiful cotton candy […]
August 31, 2022

Holiday Decorating with StickersAndPosters.com

While the calendar still says August, walk into virtually any big box retailer and you will quickly be reminded that the holiday season is already kicking off! The same goes for many e-tailers and e-commerce websites. Everyone seems ready to get an early start on the holiday shopping, and decorating!, […]
August 17, 2022

Sticky Back Posters + Back-to-School = The Winning Formula

Fresh in the S&P Catalog, our NEW Sticky Back Posters are the perfect addition to your back-to-school supplies list! Printed on a unique, woven material with a removable, adhesive backing, these posters may be repositioned again and again without leaving a sticky residue. You can literally peel off the backing […]
July 27, 2022

Removable Room Decor Ideas for the Upcoming School Year

With the fall semester quickly approaching, many students are looking for fun, hassle-free ways to decorate their rooms, dorm rooms, and apartments! For those looking to infuse their living spaces with a little color and a lot of personality, without damaging the walls or breaking the rules (ie: putting holes […]
April 6, 2022

Spring Decorating Ideas to Inspire

Welcome the spring season and find home decor ideas to inspire your next design projects! Custom posters offer an easy, cost-effective, way to update your home décor each season! Not only are there numerous ways to creatively display posters but also endless options to showcase your unique designs and personal […]
November 3, 2021

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

The holidays are here and however you decorate and celebrate, your gift wrap can help set a festive tone! Not only does a beautifully wrapped present show someone you care, but it also helps elevate the anticipation and excitement of the holidays! As the gifts gather on tables or sit […]
October 14, 2021

Blog: Six Reasons Stickers are a Great Form of Self-Expression

Since 1935, stickers have been used as a form of self-expression. From promoting events and political messages to decorating laptops, skateboards, walls, car, and most recently, hydro flasks!, stickers are one of the simplest, most affordable ways to express one’s creativity, uniqueness, and individuality.  Not only are stickers a timeless […]