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Working with Us is EASY!

Do technological integrations and talk of APIs scare you? Our modernized workflow streamlines your business and makes order submissions, hassle-free!

The Simple Process. Step-By-Step:

Create Your Account

When you create a free StickersAndPosters.com account and become our partner, we connect to your online store using one of our paths to integration.

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Submit Designs & Product Offerings

Using the integration of your choice, submit your designs and orders.

Sync Your Online Store

Use our online management system to ensure all the products you’ve submitted are available for order in your online store.

Shift Your Focus to Marketing!

We take it from here! Once our systems are integrated and your products are ready for order, you can shift your focus to sales, marketing, promotions, and building your brand!

Enjoy Automated Ordering & On-Demand Printing

As soon as your customer places an order on your site, our team takes over. We receive their order directly and print it, on-demand.

White Label Shipping.

Once your customer’s order is fulfilled, we carefully pack and drop-ship it directly to them. We offer standard white label shipping or you can upgrade to packaging that is branded with your company name and/or logo. Most orders are printed and shipped within 24-48 hours.

Never Worry about Inventory Again!

With our on-demand printing and minimum order quantities as low as ONE, there is no need for you to carry inventory! Ever again.

Through our simple order and design submission process, we make it easy for our partners to launch their new printing business. Rather than waste time in fulfillment, shipping, and inventory controls, allow us to do your heavy lifting (and printing!) so you can focus on your growth and marketing!

More Info on How APIs Work and Why It's SO Easy to Work with Us.

We Make the Impossible, Possible

APIs & Thinking Past S&P:

  • Create infrastructure that is secure by governing access and authenticating users
  • Allow partners to do their own technical and business work
  • Grow business opportunities
  • Unlock new distribution channels
  • Enable expansion beyond the limits of a partner’s own website
  • Engage faster ways to drive revenue

Our customized API allows us to facilitate the communications and integration of automated manufacturing commands between our plant to our online resellers, making it easier than ever to fulfill orders with on-demand printing!

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a “specification language” that allows your e-Commerce store to interface with our system, utilizing software components and open communication. In addition, it includes the specifications that explain the daily check-out routine, sending the data in a structured process into our automated manufacturing process. It seamlessly integrates numerous systems and acts as an automated way of transferring data, extending applications, and linking websites with value added services. In our case, the most innovative on-demand printing capabilities!

Our API is tailored to fit each of our online reseller’s e-Commerce web stores, meeting their specific needs and challenges. Ready to get started? Our IT Code Engineer is ready to explore how we can customize a working solution for your firm! We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation!

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The Perfect Tool for Partners Who Seek Automation and Pricing Benefits.

Our API and How it Benefits You

Through the integration of our API (Application Programming Interface), we unlock an open channel of communication that enables your e-Commerce platform or online store send individual orders directly to our production plant. Our API is the perfect tool for our larger, more technologically savvy partners who seek full automation and pricing benefits!

The StickersAndPosters.com API enables us to retrieve orders for your site’s point of sale so we can print and manufacture them, on-demand, and package and drop-ship directly to your customers. Acting as the invisible link in your business and fulfillment funnel, we take your orders from print to delivery, offering the highest quality, custom, one-off stickers, posters, gift wrapping paper, and table runners with one of the fastest turnaround times! And since you have the option to ship white label or packing that is branded using your business name or logo, your customer has no idea we exist!

Most orders are completed in 24-48 hours, standard production, and we offer minimum quantities ranging from ONE to custom bulk orders.

Benefits of an API:

  • Automatically export manufacturing instructions from e-Commerce stores to process one-off print orders
  • Stage, print, pack, and ship anywhere in the world
  • No phone calls, wasted time, or email hassles
  • E-store routes the order instruction
  • Auto confirms receipt of orders
  • Order progression within production flow
  • Generates tracking upon order shipment
  • It reduces costs for you!