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Once your account is active, there are a few easy ways to submit your orders. Once you’re approved, simply choose the right method for your store:

Just Starting Out? Don't Have Any Available Time for Development? We May be Able to Help.

1. Use the Online S&P Gateway:

Have SOME Available Development Time but Would Prefer to Write a Single Integration that Can Do More?

2. Third Party Ordering Solution

If your store uses multiple vendors and you want to consolidate ordering on one platform, services like Order Desk may be able to help you. Once you’re an S&P customer, you will receive the information you need to set up Order Desk. Simply follow their instructions on integration. We have worked with Order Desk for many years and they have the ability to have your up and sending order to us almost instantly.

If you have the resources, this is the way to go! It is our preferred method of integration and we strongly recommend you use it.

3. Direct API Integration with S&P

For those clients that can build a direct API connection, you can connect to our ordering system via our XML API. If you have questions about the connection process, one of our associates is happy to assist. Let's set up some time for our IT to connect with your IT.

This is the optimal method of order integration as it is the most reliable for system communication. In the long run, a direct API integration also saves you time and money!

The 1st Step in becoming our Partner:

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