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Your Newest Obsession: Custom Gift Wrap

We now offer digitally printed, tiled (step and repeat) patterns, in short runs, that can be printed in as little as ONE 6ft. roll order! Pictures, logos, mascots, designs, faces! If you can imagine it, we can transform it into custom wrapping paper!

StickersAndPosters.com is a strategic partner with one of the nation’s largest traditional gift wrap manufacturers and we have access to over 10,000 traditional holiday, event, and geometric designs and patterns. Our design team is also available to assist you in creating a unique branded pattern that can then be converted, uploaded, and ordered through your online shop. Once the order is placed on your site, it’s printed and drop shipped by us!

If you can imagine it, we can print it! And if you need some help, our team of creative printing professionals can help you create the perfect design!

High Quality, Affordable, Custom

This product is unlike anything else in the marketplace! Which allows our partners to give their customers a unique, innovative product that is sure is wow!

The Reason for the Excitement

We have the ability to print custom gift wrapping paper featuring virtually any design! Be unique - Offer custom short run gift wrap today!

We're a Humble, Hard Working, Group of People from the Midwest.

Why choose S&P for Your Gift Wrap Production?

No large minimum order quantity - Minimum is ONE roll

On-demand ordering capability from your web store

No set-up fees (design fee may apply)

Bulk orders also available

Best overall pricing, including shipping for orders of ONE

Packaging includes: Gift wrap is individually rolled and inserted in a reusable plastic sleeve and a triangular shipping carton

Fulfillment that is fully automated and seamless from your shopping cart directly to your customer — we take care of EVERYTHING!

24/7 online ordering and printing

No more inventory stocking

Personalized and custom branded shipping cartons available at an extra cost

Made in the USA

100% Integrated API technology from your online store to our facility

You send us a repeatable tiled gift wrap design & we make the magic happen!

The Details

All Gift Wrap Orders are shipped Individually rolled in their own plastic sleeve. Width is always 30" (full bleed - trimmed to color) in 6' or 12' Lengths.


Gift Wrap Product Specs:

Resists cracking when folded or creased
Paper does not tear, and images feature superior print quality
Printed with 100% aqueous (water-based) inks
Paper is made from a recyclable material
Once the order hits your online store check-out, we take over!

Printed, Packed, & Shipped to Your Customer