Fully automated. On-demand. Minimum order quantity = ONE!

We Specialize in Custom Kiss-Cut Stickers

We serve as the printing partner for many of the largest online sticker resellers and licensors in the USA and look forward to helping you elevate your business.

As an industry leader and innovator in print technology and automation, we specialize in ONE-OFF printing of fully customizable sticker products! Thanks to our technology and cutting-edge printing processes, we seamlessly integrate with our partners’ platforms and deliver on demand printed products direct from their e-Commerce sites and online stores!

Do you like options? Well we got your number

Check out our Available Sticker Sizes

Here at S&P we like to say this space if you or your customer's blank canvas. Please feel free to make it into 1 BIG Sticker, or fill the 'Sheet' with little Stickers.

Tumbler sm sticker_cgCup of pencil and houseplant on laptop on wooden table.
Laptop 5×7 Sticker_cgMockup laptop computer with lamp and houseplant on white top tab
Cooler 8×10 sticker_cgLost Lake Dock
Bumper Sticker_cgBumper Sticker_close

3" x 4" Small

Great for Mugs & Tumblers, journals, and even if you're looking to cover the fridge with a whole bunch!

5" x 7" Medium

Best when you really need to stand out with a larger size on your Laptop Lid, or Skateboard Deck.

8" x 10" Large

How about for the side of your Cooler, or even your smooth/hard sided Luggage so you can pick yours out easier.

3" x 10" Bumper

The Bumper may be obvious, but these would also look sharp anywhere you can imagine!

Everyone loves playing with stickers!

S&P Stickers - Ready to Serve Their Purpose

Stickers are PERFCET for Letting Your Creativity Run Wild on ANY: Hard, Smooth Surface Including Paper, Plastic, Glass, Wood, and Metal.

Tried and tested for almost 10 years!

Quick Facts About Our Stickers You’re Sure to Love

We're a humble, hard working group of people from the midwest.

Why choose S&P for Your Sticker Production?

No set-up fees, color, or die charges

Any shape and quantity – even 1!

All stickers are full-color

Custom shapes

Best overall pricing, including shipping for orders of 1

Flat drop shipping cost of as little as $1.50 for each order via USPS First Class Mail — the lowest in the industry! (Includes: white-label envelope, postage, and handling)

Fulfillment that is fully automated and seamless from your shopping cart directly to your customer — we take care of EVERYTHING!

24/7 online ordering and printing

No more inventory stocking

Personalized and custom branded shipping envelopes available

Made in the USA

Given our flow and automation, we drive all of our stickers to a standard size.

The Details

All 3" x 4" Small Sticker Orders are Shipped 2-UP on a 3" x 8" Sheet. Odd Qty Orders Simply Have a Blank.

Sticker Product Specs:

White vinyl with a thickness of 4 mil
Satin or Glossy
Water based, semi-gloss, latex ink. Reduced environmental impact!
Removable with NO residue.
3" x 4" Small / 5" x 7" Medium / 8" x 10" Large / 3" x 10" Bumper
Once the order hits your online store check-out, we take over!

Printed, Packed, & Shipped to Your Customer