Our on-demand program is designed to accept your incoming orders electronically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Is YOUR Business Ready for On-Demand?

Here is where you can find the 'Pieces of the Puzzle' to determine how they best fit together.

The most important aspect of being able to take advantage of our services is ensuring you and your business can properly transmit your customer’s orders to our system. Are you ready to take this next step?

We’ve developed the following guide to provide you and your team a concise overview of the requirements and prerequisites required to begin working with S&P On-Demand. And don’t worry! It’s no problem if you don't have everything in place already. We're a partner who is willing to help and our team is available to assist you!

Keep in mind, this is just the begining. If you don't have everything in place it's not a problem. We're a Partner who is willing to Help!

On-Demand Workflow Checklist

The main requirement for any business conducting online sales is having an established website with a functional shopping cart or e-Commerce solution such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Magento, Big Commerce, or the like. Not all e-Commerce platforms are created equal and most critical component to consider is: Does this e-Commerce shopping cart or platform come equipped to handle inbound and outbound API connections? (If you are not sure which API compatible e-Commerce solution is best for your business, please consult with your web developer or IT Department as they are likely the best qualified to help you with your selection.)

In addition to having your own website equipped with e-Commerce capabilities, you need to connect to our ordering system via an API connection. API stands for Application Programming Interface and utilizes protocols to communicate between online systems. To transmit orders from your e-Commerce platform to our ordering system, and properly program the connection, you may need to employ a web developer or consult your IT department.

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Since you are connecting directly into a manufacturing facility, your artwork must be designed to our specifications for each product. Unlike marketplace websites where you can upload your artwork, make edits, and see preview images, working with S&P On-Demand is a bit different. While we provide templates, we appreciate the uniqueness of your designs and feel that an advanced skill level in Photoshop (or similar graphic design suite) is often necessary to ensure that all of the products you wish to design can be returned to us as production ready files.

Every time an order is placed on your website or e-Commerce platform, the API connection needs to transmit the location of where your production ready artwork is stored. Unlike marketplace sites and web services where you upload your own artwork to be produced, our system requires you to have proper online storage. Depending on where your website is hosted or which e-Commerce platform you use, you may have file storage available to you. Please consult with your web developer or IT Department to ensure you have enough online data storage required to transmit production ready artwork files over an API connection. File storage services such as Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer, and Google Drive are not good choices for files that need to be transferred over an API connection as these are secure sites designed specifically to keep your files safe and protected, not shared across the internet.

Shipping is another aspect of your business that may need to be elevated. Though we drop ship, it is critical for you to determine which shipping carrier is best for you and your business. Depending on where your customer base is ordering from, you may need to select multiple carriers. This is especially true when shipping internationally.

In additional to choosing which carrier will be shipping your packages once S&P manufactures your products, you will need to confirm that these postal carriers can integrate directly with your website shopping cart or e-Commerce platform. All shipping calculations and charges will need to be automated per each transaction on your site and each order sent to S&P to be manufactured will need to have the proper shipping information transmitted over the API connection.

One of the unique features of the S&P program includes white label packaging; when your items are ready, we ship them directly to your customers. Since the majority of items we manufacture are flat or rolled, most are shipped in a flat envelope or triangular box that are free of markings. The actual shipping label that will go on each package is unique to your carrier and features the business address that you choose. Each package will appear as if each product is coming directly from you and your business.

The S&P program is designed to allow companies to create high quality stickers, posters, and gift wrap with a rapid turnaround time that drop ships directly to your customers. To keep thousands of items a day flowing through our system, it is of the utmost importance that every operation within our facility is streamlined and efficient. If your products require custom packing, we are happy connect you with packaging suppliers.

Businesses based in the USA must provide their Federal Tax ID or Resellers License Number.

Payment options: Most companies set up a business credit card to pay Stickers & Posters. Each time an item is processed and shipped this card is charged. You are also welcomed to apply for payment terms. With proper documentation, we can evaluate the data you provide and determine if we can offer your business this level of service.

Let S&P Help Put it ALL Together

For select companies, many of these requirements have already been met. We realize others may need to start at Step 1. Wherever you may be, we can help! Our On-Demand program offers unique advantages such as zero inventory for you to carry, no set up fees, and no minimum order quantities. Elevating your business may require some additional work on the front end but when you build the bridge over to the S&P program, we are ready and waiting to manufacture the highest quality print products for you and your customers and deliver the highest levels of client service!

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