We are extremely proud of the “People Who Are” StickersAndPosters.com!

S&P Leadership Team

Our team is the lifeblood of our company and each member helps our heart beat. Without these incredible individuals, neither we nor our partners would enjoy such success. Their infinite enthusiasm and passion, coupled with their imaginations, creativity, and skill, has enabled StickersAndPosters.com to thrive and has helped our company lead the way when it comes to innovation in printing.

As our Founder, President, and esteemed leader, Jay Butterfield possesses the intangibles that are vital to the success of our company – old time values paired with sharp business acumen and cutting edge innovation!

While much of today’s business is transactional, Jay comes from a tradition of doing business with a handshake and appreciates putting people first and investing in building relationships with team members and business partners alike. Simply stated, he cares. He cares about people, he cares about quality, he cares about others’ success. Jay views the companies we do business with not as clients but rather as business partners and makes every effort to treat them as such. He is personally vested in their growth and success and cognizant that without them, StickersAndPosters.com would not be viable. He is a service minded man, both in business and his personal life, and through leading by example, his selfless spirit is embodied throughout our company.

With Jay, there’s a story behind every statement and a relationship behind each business partnership. He swells with pride as he reflects on one of his first “partners” in his earliest days in business.

“We started with a company that was doing 100 shirts a day, and we helped them grow into over a 180 million dollar company today. We kept adding products for them; stickers, posters, etc. and that all came from ‘Hey, we oughta try this!’ I’ve done work for this company longer than anybody employed by them today, has been employed. It was so fun to grow together. We worked to make things better, we worked together as a team to help their company grow. That’s our culture.”


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In addition to valuing relationships, there’s no doubt that Jay understands hard work. From mowing lawns as a 10 year old, to mixing mud and hauling brick, sacrifice and hard work are the fabric of his life. His tireless work ethic has proven to be a key component to his entrepreneurial success. In the 1970’s he began working for a utility company in Storm Lake. While he was working for them, his friend who had a sign shop, allowed Jay to play around with the screen printers that he wasn’t using. What started as a fun hobby and side gig quickly grew into much more. When it got to the point where he was working 40 hours a week at the utility company and 50-60 hours a week for himself, he decided it was time to leave his safe, well-paying job. In 1983, he started off on his own and never looked back.

When asked how his childhood affected his ability to be innovative, he said: “I’ve done a million different things in my life. Every new experience adds new knowledge. I was never afraid to try something new and learn how to do it. I learned that it was okay to fail.”

This passion to innovate proved to be vital to Jay’s success. Although it started with a screen-printer in 1983, he continued to adapt and identify new markets, steadily growing year over year. By 1997, his company expanded to embroidery, screen-printing, and sign work and continued to add new service offerings to enhance the business. Roughly 15 years ago, Jay saw a need for ONE. He had a gut-feeling that there would be a demand for individualized print products and from this, StickersAndPosters.com was born.

Through cutting-edge technology, innovative printing processes, and an imaginative business mind, Jay became laser-focused on his goal-producing ONE efficiently and has continued to elevate the printing industry.

As of today, StickersAndPosters.com prints thousands of one-off stickers and posters every day and continues to grow and enhance our production capabilities. We’ve become experts in HP PageWide XL technology and refuse to stop innovating. The unparalleled excitement happening in our company is rooted the old-time values, sharp business acumen, and cutting edge innovation of our Founder and President, Jay!

Although Jay truly loves coming to work every day, he also enjoys boating on Storm Lake, driving his classic “Woodie” around town, and most importantly, being a full-time grandpa.

The farm kid-college athlete combo has proven to be a perfect hybrid for Cory’s career at Stickers and Posters. Although his golf handicap has increased (along with more back pain!) and he no longer gets up at 4 am to milk the cows, the values that were instilled in him early continue to shine through in his current role at Stickers and Posters. Cory is a doer. And he has to be. We strive to be innovative, so that comes with trying new things. And trying new things comes with failure and setbacks. After 12 years and millions of square feet printed, Cory has faced plenty of challenges over the years. Where most people would shy away from this environment, Cory embraces it.

We’re thankful to have Cory leading our team and ensuring that we continue to deliver high-quality products. At his core, he strives to meet and exceed customer expectations (both our customer’s and theirs) which translates into successful partnerships that grow our business as well as our customers.

Careers can lead you down many different paths and if you are fortunate, they sometimes come full circle.  Chad began working with Jay Butterfield, our Founder and President, in the early 80’s, carving out a career as an artist and leaning into life as a creative mind.  In those early years, Jay encouraged Chad to expand his approach to problem-solving beyond the ordinary and encouraged him to leverage his creativity when finding solutions to problems.  Together, they focused on using technology to streamline processes and troubleshoot issues.  While commonplace today, this was quite the deviation from the norm in the 1980’s when computers were just beginning to be used!

A graduate in Commercial Art and Design, Chad sought ways to design and produce his artwork using the newest computer-based software programs available.  Though this was a more challenging path, Jay was patient and believed in both Chad’s artistic ability and ingenuity.  This enabled the duo to stay ahead of the competition and produce innovative designs that were unlike those being published using more traditional art. After a few years of working together, Chad’s found a new opportunity in Charlotte, NC, where he began working with one of the largest companies in the licensed apparel industry.

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Over the next 25 years, Chad worked directly with major licensed brands, designing various product and driving quarterly product lines and private label programs with some of the largest big box retailers.  He also oversaw a large art department of talented artists, all the while conducting product line presentations, meeting deadlines, and leading factory visits.

Accomplishing everything he could have hoped for on the East Coast, Chad and his wife decided to move back to home to Storm Lake, IA, a place that had always held their hearts.  Not only did they want to be closer to family and friends, but Chad sought to work with an amazing group of like-minded people.  Naturally, his previous years working with Jay came to mind, and in 2020, Chad and Jay reunited at StickersAndPosters.com!  Working at one of the largest on-demand print companies in the world has brought Chad new challenges and opportunities to collaborate on new products, product designs, and release strategies. In addition to his role as Lead Designer, Chad is working to make S&P’s extremely efficient production run even smoother. This has proved the perfect fit as S&P was founded on creativity and Chad’s creative mind only makes the company stronger!

With over 20+ years of experience in licensing and sales, Janet joined the StickersAndPosters.com team to spearhead our entry into the licensing world. Born and raised in a mid-west, small town, Janet’s work ethic and values perfectly complement our team while her experience and connections in licensing afford us the opportunity to bring our stickers, posters, and gift wrapping paper to a much broader, global audience!

Throughout her career in licensing, Janet has worked with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world, cultivating relationships with business leaders and solidifying her position as a trusted brand partner. She is passionate about the licensing industry and thoroughly understands the expectations brand owners have in protecting their properties. She is a highly motivated, results driven professional who takes every measure to ensure orders are delivered on time and in the highest of quality, striving to surpass expectations at every point of contact.

Given her extensive knowledge of licensing and understanding of how long-standing programs operate, Janet is adept at designing and implementing programs for licensed brand customers to complement their existing offerings. This level of expertise, combined with StickersAndPosters.com’s ability to offer custom printed products, on demand, with no minimums, makes us an excellent partner for virtually any licensing program. With our Power of ONE, customers can order as few as ONE piece of any of our products while enjoying no set up fees and a seamless integration so your customers’ orders are produced on-demand and shipped direct, via white label or custom branded packaging.

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